Airtel's IVRS Bill Payment Experience

For the first time, I tried Airtel’s “PHONE PAY” service to pay my Broadband bills. The IVRS user experience wasnt bad at all.

If you dont have access to an internet connection and if you dont wanna drop the check at airtel Payment Points and if you havent yet enabled ECS with SI, then this service is really comfortable and convenient. You are just a FREE phone call away to paying your Broadband bills. All you need is your credit cart and your landline number!

The Interactive VoiceResponse System (IVRS) was user friendly. (Well, atleast to me. Wonder, who designed the IVRS for Airtel)
It took me 6 loong minutes to call 1-800-102 2455, voice out “English” as my language, enter my phone number, verify the bill amount and then key in my credit card number. If you call from an Airtel landline or mobile phone no, then your calls are absolutely FREE. ( yea right)

While ECS ‘Standing Instruction’ is my most preferred payment method, I am surprised as to why online payment feature at is missing. STAND CORRECTED HERE. It is possible to pay bills online at However, the Airtel bill envelope highlights and for payment.

If you wanna make an online payment, then you gotta register and log-on to or Now, i dont have that kinda time to go and make yet another registration. I’d be much happy to make online payments through my CitiBank Suvidha Account. ( However sad their UI and their online keypad looks)

Dropping Checks at Airtel’s Payment Points suck big time. One has to commute. ( that too in Bangalore). Off course, one can also call 1256 for payment pick up. But this is a complex solution.

The only concern that i have ( and will always have) is about the security. What if someone bums my creditcard info. I know for sure that i am talking to IVRS system and not to a human. So, do i trust a computers/machines better than humans?. I dont know. While i hyper-actively shop online using my Credit Card ( yes, all this happenned after my marriage! Prior to that i used Debit cards).

7 thoughts on “Airtel's IVRS Bill Payment Experience

  1. Dear Muthu
    I stumbled upon your blog. While your views are inline with current trents I am skeptical about ECS for a open amount. Imagine there is a wrong debit say Rs 10000 what will you do. Also with CC number on IVRS do you know how they retreive the number ? If its manual again data security issues !!! I am planning a very simple solution which I would like to discuss with you. You can reach me on 0 9841030506 or sms me you number and I will call you back. The public beta will be online by mid August 07
    Cordially Sukumar

  2. Hi Muthu! Perhaps, you are a lucky man if your calls was absolutely free. When I was trying to call as you did, I was asked to report my credit card information. They warned me that I would have to pay $5 for this service.

  3. Hi Muthu,

    Just got to see your blog and tried registering to BillDesk. As pointed earlier by Jitender, this is asking for madatory signed registration etc.. One more thing … looks like this is using the savings bank account… but i want to pay through my Credit Card … how do i get that ..??


  4. Guys… little confused … got the ‘Make Payment’ option in Airtel Payments screen and I did the payment through my credit card … have to wait and see whether the payment is done without any further issues …


  5. I do agree with you Mr.Muthu. It is all non-sense from Airtel.When you are stuck with a payment problem with Airtel you will not get a clear option, how ever one thing is sure your services will be disconnected no matter whose fault it is.

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