dCamp Bangalore V 1.0 rocked!

The first ever design unconference in India, dCamp Bangalore witnessed participation from an interesting mix of designers, developers, product managers etc., Over 75 campers and 10 speakers participated at Yahoo’s campus, yesterday. The good folks from Yahoo Bangalore sponsored the event and made arrangement for t-shirts, lunch and Beer!

Read Saurabh Minni’s detailed blog post.

I gave a live-demo on designing Web 2.0 Layouts & Widgets” using CSS, JavaScript and YUI

This was part of my plan to conduct a workshop called ” Ajax for Designers”. Realized that in order to understand AJAX, its important for us to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, DOM & JavaScript. The preso contained 1 page refreshers for the above. I also realized that the 25 minute slot is way to short to explain the basics of all these technologies. All that i wanted the folks to remember were Div, Class, Id and JavaScript Function. The intent of the workshop is to better bridge the gap between design and development and IMHO, its important for designers to understand the basics of rich web applications, UI libraries and toolkits.

Amit Pande from Oracle on Enterprize 2.0


Photos of dcamp Bangalore can be accessed here and here

Hallway Conversations!

Navneet Nair from Google on User Motivations

dCampers sharing a lighter moment!



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