Adobe's "RIA Leadership Summit 2007" in Bangalore

Adobe is targeting users with “occassionally (dis?)connected devices” like Laptops, Mobile Phones, IPTVs et all with Flex, AIR , Flash Lite etc., to enable Rich Internet Applications.

Update : Over 150 people landed-up at Adobe’s “RIA Leadership Summit” help at Oberoi, last evening. Shantanu’s preso was timed perfectly to slightly under an hour (including Q&A and demos)

The most interesting thing that appealed to me was in the “mobile” stall. The demo was for a mobile application ( in swf format) designed to make the voting experience a lot more “rich” for the popular “Indian Idol” program and apart from cool voting experience, users can also easily browse through the contestant pages, see videos et all.

While i gave up on using Fireworks a very loong time ago, i was witnessed the Fireworks demo where in

  • PNG files were used to design the Layouts
  • Pages were managed using the ‘Photoshop like Layers’ window
  • Interactivity is added using the ‘Flash Action Script like code’
  • PNG file gets exported as a MXML format into the Flex SDK directory
  • Then a build.bat is used to generate the final SWF. file
  • In CS4 beta, the whole process gets to be simplified whereing swf files get directly generated, without having use build.bat et all.

    When probed about creating collapsible layouts, partial page updates, i was told that apart from the swf and MXML file format outputs, XHTML outputs were also possible and that each Document Object gets automatically assigned to an Id and JavaScript needs to be used separately to manipulate the Document Objects. Phew!

    What became evident was that SAP and Oracle have already started experimenting with Flex, Flashlight and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) in some of their Enterprize Applications to enable Rich Internet User Experience.

    Met up UX folks like Durga Prasad and Auro from SAP, Sudhindra from Human Factors, Param from Onward Consulting, Adesh from Oracle et all.

    Guess the time is right to get into the “Mobile UX ” space.


    Adobe’s “RIA Leadership Summit 2007″ is happening on Oct 25 in Bangalore.

    Mr. Shantanu Narayen, President and Chief Operating Officer, Adobe Systems Inc., will speak on the emerging trends in RIA technologies and how Adobe is helping create the web of the future.

    Looking forward to get some insights into Flex and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).


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