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Parking : The other day, a friend of mine and me took about 25 mins to commute from Point A to Point B , we used his GPS gadget to find the location, the shortest route et all. We also spent additional 15 minutes looking for an empty parking lot.

One of the key features that I’d like to see next gen GPS devices and map tools, would be to search and show ( in real time) available parking lots on need basis. Not sure what kinda logistics would have to go into play to enable this feature. This feature may not be a ‘must have’ requirement in cities such as Bangalore 🙂

Rear View Cam : Given that web /digital cam prices are heading south, it will be useful and may not be expensive to install a camera near the boot (in indian cars) and display the camera view on a dashboard monitor, while backing up the car.

The other key requirement is the Digital Fuel Level Indicator

4 thoughts on “Car stuff

  1. Rear view cam: Tata Safari’s latest version has this feature apparently (

    I heard somebody talk about a friend who has this car and experienced a ‘usability problem’ with this feature. The rearview mirror shows you a live ‘video’ of the stuff behind the car while you’re reversing and that gets a bit disorienting because you have to orient yourself to the ‘reverse-reverse direction’, if you know what I mean.


  2. Yes, placing the video on/(along with) the rear view mirror can get really confusing for users.

    I was thinking more on the lines of the rear view screen being placed in the center of the dashboard and definitely away from the rear view mirror. Users can optionally use this feature to back-up.

    There’s a lil bit of learnability involved here just like most other car features.

  3. There is an app that has come up in MA for this parking nuisance.. You have subscribe to an sms facility and it tracks your location using some sort of cell phone feature.. (or i think u can send it a query for parking indicating the location). The service then sends u back an sms telling you the nearest location where the parking is available!

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