People's Phone!

People's PhoneAfter People’s Car, its time now for People’s Phone!
Nodia based Spice Ltd, unveiled a no frill mobile phone during the Mobile World Congress event recently. Priced at $20 (about Rs 800), it has bare minimal features that might primarily appeal to rural/illiterate users and those who’d be happy with a basic low-cost basic mobile phone. And its devoid of a screen.

I am skeptical about the pricing, ( it could be priced even less) because one can get mobile phone s for as low as Rs 1000, with additional features.

Often, we are forced to buy phones with features that we never use. But then, without new features, how could manufactures launch new models and increase sales?. They’d also stop servicing and supplying spare parts for older models.

I am not sure if this is feasible, but may be, its time for mobile manufacturers to let users/customers customize their mobile phones by choosing a list of desired features and place their order either online or with a dealer. After receiving the order, the manufacturer could assemble the hand- set, install the necessary software and ship it to customers.

And if a new technology/feature gets launched, users must be able to add them on to their existing mobile and “remove a feature” if they are so done with it.(Not all new technologies and features could be “added on” that easily)

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