DCamp Bangalore 2.0

90 DCampers participated in the second edition of DCamp Bangalore held yesterday at Aditi Technologies. See Photos >Thanks to the extra special efforts , taken by Amit & the folks at Aditi including Vijayam, the event happened very smoothly.

DCamp Bangalore 2.0 crowd

10:45 am : The event just started with Amit Pande from Oracle and Anil Gupta CTO , Aditi Technologies giving an intro.

Anil Gupta, CTO,  Aditi Technologies

10:55 am : Amit is talking about “Design Inspirations from Science Fiction”
He cites cool design examples from Sci Fi movies like Matrix, Total Recall, Blade Runner, Minority Report, Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep et al. I liked the idea of using ” Web Eyes” to do real time Vlogging! (video blogging :))

11:30 am : Param from Onward Research & Innovation is talking about a User Research Case study related storage in indian cars.

Usage Findings/Examples :
Ash Trays that are seldom used
Detachable Audio Panel players for increased safetyHiding laptops and locking the cars for increased safety
Storing a set of clothes for change over

Param from Onward Research

11:55 am : Prof. Pradeep Pendse and Prof Anuja Agarwal Welingkar Institute of Management

Transforming B-Schools to BD-Schools
The way management is taught has changed. Use of visual language techniques like Mind Maps. Activity based learning, experience based learning through field visits are used. Business Baazigar programs, Story Telling, Out Bound programs, International exposures are also encouraged. They also have an innovation lab called “InnoWe” and also explore “Memetics”- A study on understanding how trends happen.

Think its a great idea to introduce Design Thinking & Innovation in B-Schools.

12:25 am : DCamp Design Challenge

Breakout Session

Post Lunch Shaiyris : I’ve seen Anil Gupta entertaining the crowd at Sun Microsystems with his funny shaiyris. While some of them used to go “super kaput” owing to my limited understanding of Urdu and Hindi, he really took care to explain the meaning of some of the poetic words. He had a great sense of timing and make the crowd literally Rolling On the Floor!

02:15 Designing Apps for iPhone
Ram Brijesh is talking about how Google’s applications are optimized for iPhone. Its been design for speed, easy findability. 1 Click access using SSO and auto complete features are designed/targetted for users “on the move” one hand operation.

These ideas were initiated and driven by design teams. The experience is coherent across products. Only relevant features make it. A style guide was published first. Very iterative – 2-3 versions.

Designing for iPhone : UXers version

Get an iPhone!
http://iphonetested.com : crude user agent switcher : firefox add-on
Download SDK for Mac to check emulators.

Ram Brijesh on Designing iPhone Applications
Ram Brijesh

03:00 pm : Deepak Srinivasan on “Paper 2.0”

Paper use and abuse, stuff that took us away from paper and that will bring us back to paper et al.
In less than 15 years the following features are likely to be implemented
Flexible Text Displays
Flexible Touch Displays
Flexible Haptic Displays

Paper 2.0

Umesh Gopinath made a cool presentation on designing mobile applications.

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  1. Muthu – Can we keep uploading pics onto a flickr account? We could pass this on to other people so that they can upload their pics onto the same.

    How about DCamp2.0 as a standardized tag ?

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