Go Instant

http://goinstant.com concept is similar to my “Share My Browser” concept. See previous post.

GoInstant - Get closer to your customers. from GoInstant on Vimeo.

Share my browser and collaborate

Host clicks on “Share” button on Google Chrome, invites users (thru an url) to instantly see his tab-content from browsers on multiple devices (tablets, smartphone, desktops etc.,)

Contextually, users will be also able to collaborate effectively by using seamlessly integrated IM, web cam, ‘dialed-in’ VOIP/phone/ video calls  etc,

You may read more about the idea and vote.

Update 1: Just paid $5 developer fee on Chrome Web Store. Getting slowly started with the browser extension code.

Read related discussion on Google Chome Help Forum

Update 2 : Planning to start with a simple non-secure page. Looks like the DOM dump or serializing the DOM approach isn’t feasible for now. Setback.

Android Application Design/Dev Basics : 1

Do check out Android UI guidelines and their notion of Applications, Activities & Tasks

Do read Hello World as well

Install Eclipse IDE, Android SDK Plugin for Eclipse

Here are some rough notes:

Android Dev

Android Dev

  • All images should be placed under Res > Drawable.
  • If multiple devices and resolutions are targetted, images should be placed in the corresponding hi/low/med dpi folders.
  • Layout is specified under Res > Layout
  • Manifest is an important config file that should not be renamed.

  • Application tag is used to specify that this is an application and not a service.
  • App name is set here
  • “Android: Icon” sends pointer to the the app icon, which should be placed in the Drawables under Resources
  • Pre-defined category “launcher” is used to launch the app when the app icon gets clicked.
  • Layouts may contain views and sub views.
  • Sr Interaction Designer job at Cisco Systems, Bangalore


    Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking. Cisco products address the broadest range of networking solutions available from any single supplier, including hundreds of Internet, telephony, voice, video, telepresence, online meetings, and Web 2.0 collaboration applications that are aimed at a broad range of customers including Internet service providers, enterprise users, small/medium businesses, and consumers. www.cisco.com

    Cloud Application Services Group, Bangalore, is looking for a passionate “Sr Interaction Designer”, to design On-Demand SaaS based Web 2.0 & Mobile applications, in the “Online Collaboration” domain.

    • Document user needs and task scenarios
    • Define the user interaction models, object models and task, process flow maps
    • Define the look and feel of UI components and design patterns used by multiple platforms (web, desktop & mobile)
    • Help drive product direction based on field research and functional requirements
    • Generate UI mockups including wire-frames and high-fidelity prototypes.
    • Present design rationale and obtain stakeholder buy-ins
    • Work with other interaction,visual designers to design UI components and design patterns used by multiple platforms (web, desktop & mobile)
    • Document detailed User Interface Specifications
    • Work closely with product engineers to deliver the final product
    • Facilitate project communication across a multi-disciplinary team throughout all phases of the project

    • 9+ years of experience designing software-user interfaces
    • Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, Human Computer Interaction, or related field
    • Design experience in a product development environment
    • Demonstrated ability to understand technical concepts and structure UIs that simplify these concepts
    • Strong lateral & analytical thinking skills
    • Excellent time-management, multi-tasking ability and the ability to prioritize
    • Ability to quickly understand and communicate complex system and design concepts
    • Strong visual and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate in a cross-functional team
    • Experience in designing desktop, Web-based applications and mobile applications
    • Familiarity with XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Cross browser issues, AJAX, JavaScript, JavaScript libraries

    To apply, email your resume and online portfolio (urls only) to murajama@cisco.com