Six Sigma & Interaction Design

Six Sigma is both a Metric & a Process

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The newsletter talks about What is Six Sigma, Evolution of Six Sigma, DMAIC process followed in Honeywell, GE etc.,
and also about the drawbacks of these processes and methods by which these drawbacks can be overcome.

Six Sigma works for well certain companies. Some companies have inherited their ‘Manufacturing Mindset’ to Software development. Cooper talks integrating his Goal Directed Design methodology with Six Sigma processes for designed software.

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Some questions on User Experience Design & Development processes.

How does one measure the quality of a product/experience?
Once measured, how does one control it?
What are the relevant Six Sigma tools that are available?
How does one verify the validity of design decisions?
How to do “Predictive Design”
How & when do I do Process tailoring?

What is Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)?
What is Velocity Product Development (VPD)?
What is Lean Six Sigma?