Muthukumar Rajamani

Anchor Mentor for Google Launchpad Accelerator and Launchpad Week.
Mentored 70+ startups from India, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, Uruguay and many other countries.

Certified Scrum Product Owner and SAFe practitioner.

Passionate UX Designer, User Researcher and an Agile UX Coach with 20 years experience in designing simple, usable and delightful software experiences for organisations such as Cisco Systems, WebEx, Sun Microsystems, Honeywell etc.,

Proven experience in conducting “Design Sprints”​, grooming product backlog​, identifying Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) and integrating UX into Agile development methodology.

Experienced in building high-performing UX and front-end “scrum” teams. (6+ years)

Experienced in identifying user requirements and pain-points through
– research methods like “follow me homes”, contextual inquiries, surveys and user interviews
– conceptual modelling, prototype-design, validation and iteration

Organised multiple conferences and un-conferences like BarCamp Bangalore, DCamp Bangalore, World Usability Day Bangalore etc., and UX workshops for Google LaunchPad.

Specialties: Agile UX (Design Sprints, Backlog Grooming, MVE etc.,), User Research and Mentoring StartupsBachelor of Science (Visual Communication), Loyola College, ’96

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18 thoughts on “Muthukumar Rajamani

  1. Hi Muthu!
    Wondering if you have a couple of minutes to advise? I did B.Arch and jumped around in all kinds of fields from Headhuntign to financial consulting. Interaction design has really caught my interest and am really keen on developing it into a career. I’m 30 and would rather not study full time (NID/IIT are the only ones offering this in India!?).
    so here’s what i wanted to ask – How do I go about this? I dont know anyone in the tech sector and would greatly appreciate your help.


  2. Hi Muthu,

    Hope this mail finds u in Good health & cheers.
    I am a Headhunter, working for MNCs & CMM Level 5 Companies.
    Need Reference Help from ur Side for my Recruitment.
    I would like to discuss about some onsite Opportunities.

    Would be Helpful if u could give me ur Contact Number say r Mobile or Res Any.

  3. Hey Muthu
    We met yesterday at WUD. Interesting blog. maybe I should get around to getting one too. what tools are you using? I’ve heard but do not quite understand the terms, mambo and joomla or some such. Who are you hosting with?


  4. Hi muthu,

    We meet in WUD yesterday. Interesting information, some fonts and are big in the left side navigation.

    shiva 🙂

  5. hi dear!
    how r u?
    This is sasi from chennai I created one blog which is i write above but i am not able to write tamil font and design so please help me to create better web of tamil kavithai.
    so my dear I am non tech so please send me details about u also! thanks

  6. This is Senthil Raja from Andaman I created one blog which is i write above but i am not able to write tamil font and design so please help me to create better web of tamil kavithai.
    please send me details about u also! thanks

  7. Hi,

    I’m a freelance writer – would like to write to you for an input for an article on Usability I am doing for i.t. magazine (

    I am a regular writer for this magazine with my own column- eVoice.

    However, the Usability piece will be a feature.

    Please reply by email so that I can connect.


    Charu Bahri

  8. Hello sir.

    I just searched for, how to make tamil Unicode’s for Joomla CMS, could you please help me with some informations? I dont know anything about this matter, so i dont know where to begin, and how to make it done… Could you help? Im adminstrator on and want to have tamil fonts for my website, it would help the users on my website to write comments in tamil, and ect. Thanks a lot… 🙂 Pradaph

  9. வணக்கம் முத்து, நான் குவைத்தில் இருக்கிறேன். பன்னிரெண்டு வருட கிராபிக்ஸ் டிசைனர் அனுபவம். நான் தேவையென்றால் கால் பண்ணவும்

  10. hi senthil sasi!!!

    i came across this site recently … it is extremely useful in writing tamil material over net.
    it is called quillpad,
    you can access it at
    not much techo is needed , you must know to speak thats enough

    have fun !!!! bye!!!

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  12. Hi Muthu

    This is Selvasekhar(chennai) Web Designer, 2+ year experence, i want suggestion for programming side, i would like very interesting in php. Can Give any suggestion & send me php tutorial site.

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